The Barrow AFC Football Orchestra

Barrow Island Primary School


From the project blog:

‘During two sessions on the 15th and 16th of July, children from years 4 and 5 at Barrow Island Community Primary School were asked to compose and perform music based around a game of football. Using a variety of instruments and amplified objects, they were asked to respond to the movements of the ball and the players around the pitch. The majority of the children were non-musicians and were asked to play instruments including: open tuned guitars, a drum machine, an amplified computer keyboard, two large pebbles and a piano. Graphic notation was used to allocate sounds to different areas of the pitch in order to alter the tone of the music over a series of performances. Each group was given the task of devising their own score and organising the players accordingly.’

About the live show:

‘Nine children from Barrow Island Community Primary School brought experimental music to football fans at Holker St. on Saturday 20th September with the first performance by the Barrow AFC Football Orchestra.

Leading in to the match against Kettering Town, the orchestra performed three 5 minute pieces of music that turned the Holker Street 5-a-side pitch into a giant piece of graphic notation. Orchestra members alternated between roles, taking turns to play football and their instruments respectively.

Instruments included guitars open-tuned to the notes BAFC, egg timers, a drum machine, a thumb piano, a small wooden frog and a contact miked (and heavily reverbed) computer keyboard. See the video clip below for an excerpt from the performance.’

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The Barrow AFC Orchestra live at Holker St. Stadium (top) and rehearsing at

Barrow Island Primary School (below)