‘Poke’ by Victoria Lucas, one of three installations for NHS Hull Wilberforce Centre,

commissioned as part of the Digital Media Labs project.


Digital Media Labs

R & D residency and commissions

w/ Benedict Phillips and Dave Lynch


DMLabs offered ten chosen artists a week-long residency as part of a commissioning process for three touch screen artworks for the Wilberforce Health Centre. A select number of arts agencies and organisations across the Northern Region (the North West, Yorkshire and Derby) nominated artists to be part of this exciting and experimental commissioning process. From the nominations we selected ten artists to participate in a residential Media Lab in Hull, where they explored new ways of working with touch screen technologies.

This residency was Led by the Digital Media Labs team (Benedict Phillips, Dave Lynch and Glenn Boulter),  and other experts from the fields of visual arts and digital technology.

the residential Media Lab and took place in Autumn 2010 and brought together a mixed community of artists, designers and programmers in a dedicated environment. The focus of the residency was on experimentation and exploration. Provided with time, space and equipment, resident artists were able to learn, develop and experiment with the technology during 7 days of hands-on research and development with the support of professional technologists, leading to an interim exhibition showcasing the results of the lab. The culmination of this residential Media Lab was an opportunity for the artists to present and discuss their work at a dedicated feedback session to representatives from NHS Hull and the nominating organisations, as well as being presented with the brief for the final commissions.


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