Full of Noises

Festival project, Barrow-in-Furness

2009 - present

In October of 2009, Octopus presented Cumbria’s first festival of experimental music and sound art.

FON is about new work, new audiences and new creative partnerships. Our site in the heart of Barrow’s shipyard offered an ideal setting for site–specific sonic artwork, with the unique layout of the building leading to a blurring of the distinction between workspace and performance space. Over five days, the festival presented a programme of research, production and public events.

Four artists were given one week to research, develop and present a new performance or installation in the context of Barrow Island’s unique setting at the tip of the Furness Peninsula. We provided fees, accommodation and workspace for the artists to produce a site-specific audio or audio-visual work which was presented over the last two days of the festival. Artists from different backgrounds and levels of experience shared workspaces and collaborated.

An over-arching theme of radio  also enabled the artists to explore the possibilities of reaching an audience beyond the festival. Participating artists included MOBILE RADIO (Sarah Washington and Knut Aufermann - Germany), HACO (Japan) and SUSAN MATTHEWS (Wales).

The festival also presented live performances by artists of national and international standing including FAUST (performing their only UK date of 2009), PRAM, RICHARD YOUNGS, JOHN WALL, BLACK CARROT, GOOD NOISE BAD NOISE and MARK PILKINGTON.

FON is an Octopus project.

Octopus is: John Hall, Andrew Deakin,

Glenn Boulter, Alex Oxley and Fern oxley.

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