Full of Noises

Full of Noises is an ongoing series of experimental music and sound art events taking place in Cumbria. During 2010, we invited artists to develop new work and collaborations across a range of venues and host organisations including Lanternhouse, Grizedale Arts and Barrow Park.

Events have included:

HILDUR GUDNADOTTIR - Residency and performance at Lanternhouse Ulverston

ANTYE GREIE (AGF) - Residency at Grizedale Arts and performance at Lanternhouse

PAUL ROONEY - Commissioned new work ‘Spit Valve’ for Barrow Park bandstand

MARK VERNON - Commissioned new work ‘Christmas Rewind’ for Barrow Park Bandstand

CHRIS WATSON - Talk at Barrow Dock Museum

DECK WRECKERS - night of experimental turntable performances and films at Lanternhouse

ATP Film Screening at Lanternhouse, Ulverston

FON is an Octopus project.

Octopus is: John Hall, Andrew Deakin,

Glenn Boulter, Alex Oxley and Fern oxley.

Visit: www.fonfestival.org

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From top:

AGF, Wilderness Concert project at Grizedale Arts, 2010

Hildur Gudnadottir and Phillip Jeck at Never Records, 2010

Paul Rooney installing ‘Spit Valve’ at Barrow Park Bandstand, 2010