Story Street Sound Museum

Installation for NHS Hull Wilberforce Centre

2008 - 2011

A collection of recorded stories, anecdotes and histories by residents of Hull, accessed by resting your elbows onto two speaker pads mounted inside a specially designed table and placing your fingers in your ears. The table selects one of forty short recordings (45 – 90 seconds each) at random each time you place your elbows on the speaker pads ensuring a different experience on each visit. To start a new story, remove your elbows briefly then start again.

The Wilberforce Centre is built on the site of Hull's first Museum and these stories describe a crowd-sourced collection of artefacts that create a virtual museum within the centre's public space. Housing these stories in the form of recorded voices, the table also acts as a time capsule of the period it was made in, with subjects ranging from a dock worker's hook to Michael Buble.

The installation is accompanied by a series of three-colour prints, also found on the ground floor of the centre that present a selection of the objects from the collection in visual form.

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