Twilight Gatherers

Music / performance project

2008 - present

The Twilight Gatherers include Glenn Boulter and Lynden St. John, formerly of The Wendigos. Since forming in London early this century they have released turbid clouds of sonic dread generated by broken tape recorders, found objects and badly played instruments. Relocating to Leeds and Barrow-in-Furness via Morecambe's decrepit seafront has added an even more bleak and desperate dimension to their sound.

Twilight Gatherers apply a violent tape cut-up technique to foetid drone and brutal punk, leaving an aural aftertaste somewhere between Nurse With Wound trapped in a sewer and a lobotomised version of Chrome.

Rare live outings have included a soundtrack to a secret event taking place beneath a multi-story car park in Barrow for the FON Festival in 2009 and an invocation of Robert Palmer and his role in the Icelandic ash cloud of 2010 at Leeds Left Bank. Current projects include scoring a soundtrack based on the desecration of a Russ Abott LP cover for this year's FON festival. Lynden St. John also records as Grey Guides. Glenn Boulter  is co-founder of Cumbria sound art collective Octopus and performs as a member of Focal Gaol.

Twilight Gatherers' first full length CD, Back to Mucous, has its origins in a series of trans-pennine encounters with the haunted exterior of Barrow-in-Furness' premier Job Centre, Craven House. Occasional fits of improvised noise spewed out into the damp cellar of a disused shipyard building were then edited down over a period of 2 years to the finely honed compositions you now hold in your hand.

Click here for audio by Twilight Gatherers

Twilight Gathers performing at FON, October 2009

Photo by Will Miners

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