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Frederick Gent Secondary School


A collaboration with Francis O’Donnell Smith

Taking the students idea for a radio station / sound installation, we devised a number of activities through which they could explore the relationship between sound and architecture by looking at ways in which art can be incorporated into the everyday environment. The series of workshops included sessions looking at and working with sound art, experimental music, package design, bookbinding, sound poetry, printmaking and art criticism. Each activity placed emphasis on process, decision-making and judgement rather than traditional artistic skills in order to put students of varying ability on the same level.

In order to tie all of the separate activities together we produced an edition of 100 audio CD’s (designed by the students) and a web archive of all the work produced during the project.

In this way, we hope to have provided the participants with a sense of achievement both individually and as a group through having their work professionally editioned and by creating an impact upon their school environment through a permanent web-based exhibition.


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Earograph CD insert designed by Francis O’ Donnell Smith